Liners: bare roots and pot cultivation


A good beginning makes a good ending.


This old adage still applies at Vromans Kwekerijen BV. We see it as our duty to provide growers with a high-quality and vigorous plant, one of the most important ingredients for further successful growing.


Vromans Kwekerijen provides vegetatively propagated conifers and ornamental shrubs to customers, from Ireland to Latvia and from Norway to Macedonia. In an area covering almost 80 hectares, we grow 3 million plants in P9 and 8 million plants in open ground on an annual basis.


Thanks to our large-scale production and high degree of mechanisation, we can supply at very competitive prices. Vromans Kwekerijen represents thirty years of experience, bespoke services and commitment at all times.

"Green is life"

Supplying high-quality conifers and shrubs at competitive prices is only possible through implementing an efficient and innovative cultivation process.

We are ready to help.
  • Vast range of varieties
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Innovative cultivation process
  • Sustainability
  • Top quality plants