Liners: bare roots and pot cultivation

"Green is life"

Supplying high-quality conifers and shrubs at competitive prices is only possible through implementing an efficient and innovative cultivation process.
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Our motto

"Green is life"

For around seven years now, our company has been busy finding ways to grow our crops more environmentally friendly. One of these findings resulted in the fact that we now use as little pesticides as possible and use our fertilizer, water and waste as ecologically as we are able to in order to cause no harm to our surroundings. We also use biologic pesticides when possible.

Fytaforce compost tea appliances are a very important subject in this matter. When fytaforce compost tea is applied, a lot of good germs and fungi are sprayed over the crops. It are these organisms that you will find in the healthy soil of a forest. These organisms are of major importance for the immunity of the plant, in order to maximize growth and defend it against growth obstructive factors. Another important subject is the green compost which is produced on demand. We favour it in our full ground growing. By these means we ensure more bio-diversity in the soil and plant. There is also a clear advantage for the organic fibre in the soil which is either sustained or enhanced. This results in a stronger and more resilient  soil ecosystem.

Mycorrhiza’s are fungi which are a part of this phenomenon. They form a web of healthy hyphae and grow in a way in which they surround the roots of the plant in order to protect them from harmful fungi. In a healthy soil, microorganisms make sure there are enough food elements available for the plant. In case there are not enough food elements or in case of stress in the growing process, we use shuttles to keep the plant’s condition optimal. These shuttles are leaf fertilizer on a natural basis.

Plants whish are not being stimulated in their growth most of the times grow more slowly and have a more compact growth. These plants get a good and branched root system which is capable of providing the optimal amount of all essential food elements. Ecologically produced plants have had a steady and slow growth, which enables them to adapt far more easy to the environment of their final location of growth. So less of the plants will die. That is why we urge you to look beyond the prices of the plant materials we offer you when ordering them. Buying economically friendly produced plants will in the long-term always result in lower expenses.


We apply this fertilisation strategy with focus on the future, because by law the use of the enormous amounts of pesticides and fertilizers has to be reduced. We are making sure that we will be ready for that future and meanwhile we are producing a higher quality of plant material and most of all we are happy to work environmentally friendly and help our satisfied customers.